Ode to my Childhood



The older I get the more I smile every time I think of my childhood. Every time a child talks to me and tells me “I can’t wait till I am older cuz _______”, I laugh and I tell them to sit back and enjoy the “now” cause it’s time we can’t get back. Here’s my ode to childhood. I hope you enjoy it. 

There’s something ironic about growing up. When we are young and childlike we yearn, beg and plead for the days when we can go out and party (at this point we are not worried about money to get into these places or transportation), when we can stay up late (we have yet to realize that as we get older naps become somewhat vital to us) and have a job so we can spend our money on whatever we want (we haven’t realized at this age that the food we eat, the roof over our head, and the clothes on our back have been provided to us via someone’s hard earned labor).

Where’s the irony? The irony lies in the fact that when we finally cross that threshold into adulthood, a part of us always yearns to go back. I noticed that especially people in their early twenties to early thirties really begin to appreciate what we had. As a matter of fact, most of us yearn for the nostalgic feeling so much that we even go to playgrounds and sit on swings or lay on the grass just to mentally transport ourselves back to a time when we actually had nothing to sweat besides the little things.

Times to when the only deadlines we had were: to make it outside before everyone else went in and to be home on time for dinner. When the only crucial decisions we had to make were: Who would be placed on your team for “Manhunt” or “Steal the Bacon”? When fear didn’t stand in the way of your goals and pride didn’t stand in the way of a relationship. When you could profess your love for someone on paper and the fate rested on whether or not they checked the “Yes” Or “No” box.  When you and one of your best friends could have a huge argument but you always knew by the weekend things would be different. Back to when $3.00 could get you a pack of Marvel X Men- cards, a soda, some chips, gum and a pack of Sunflower seeds to split amongst the peeps in your crew that didn’t have money.

Back to when we could legally graffiti the streets with chalk as we spelt out the names of the ones we loved, pictures of objects we wanted to have, and skelly or hop-scotch boxes to entertain ourselves. Watching the boys fiddle and fix their bikes and tossing the football. Listening to the sounds of jump ropes and little girls singing as we ran around bike riding, roller blading and freeze tagging. When walking around in a wet- shirt after being drenched in a hydrant was a sign of innocence and not an act of indecent exposure….

Ahh to be a kid again.

3 thoughts on “Ode to my Childhood

  1. This brought me back to some major childhood memories, was smiling the whole time.

  2. I want to go back too lmao when times were much easier.

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