Rest for the Weary

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People tend to under estimate the true value of a thing called rest. Myself being no different from everyone else.  One thing I can say is true, you need to take a moment to step back and smell the roses. I guess it’s true when parents tell their kids, “You need rest to be your best”.  Not just rest of the body but also your mind and spirit. You will be surprised how many people truly lay awake at night anxious and uneasy over work related matters alone.

Each of us has to take time out to recover physically, emotionally and spiritually from life’s everyday trials and tribulations. It’s also important to do some self-inventory and take stock of where you are, where you are abundant, where you are lacking and where you are headed.  Failing to take some R & R and recharge your batteries (mentally and physically) could lead to illness and stress related problems.  Never apologize for needing some “you time”. If you can’t be your best to yourself, you are never going to be at your best for anyone or anything else.

Speaking from experience, I used to get caught up in people taking the fact that I was busy or too tired to hang out personally as an attack against them, as opposed to just being burnt out. Burnt out from what? Stressors at work, relationships, not eating right, no exercise, not getting enough sleep, having a packed schedule etc. And after a while, I realized I would be hesitant to make plans with those people because I knew that I couldn’t back out [if I was exhausted or had to rearrange my schedule] without a huge guilt trip. Not anymore, put yourself first.

When you are able to rest and take a step back, you will find the right frame of mind to truly assess your problems and your blessings. You need your energy to live life to the fullest and you shouldn’t feel like you are trudging your way through.  To be a truly well rounded and healthy individual, you must rest to perform your best.

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