UP NEXT/ MIXTAPE: She Real – Real Hip Hop Still Exists


*Breathes Deep*, see that right there is what you will do when you inhale the “breath of fresh air” that is REAL HIP HOP STILL EXISTS.

She Real is back with her fourth mixtape entitled “Real Hip Hop Still Exists”! This mixtape provides a balance of energy, sincere lyrics, wordplay, and technique.

Who is She Real? Her concepts range from thoughts of imperfection, to the everyday struggles of life, to the power one possess with faith. She can get cocky too, with captivating lyrics she believes demands Hip Hop’s respect. She has appeared as a guest on Shade 45 Sway In The Morning Show. She has opened up for Tone Trump, Juelz Santana, Styles P. and Tierra Marie. She has won countless competitions around NYC including “Faces In The Crowd” at S.O.B.’s and is a 3x in a row $1000 winner for Club Pyramid’s Unsigned Celebrity Concert Series. Her collaboration with Battle Legend Loaded Lux for her track “New York”, has caught the attention of many blogs including SwaysUnviverse.com. She was also one of the Elite 8 rappers for Hot 97’s Streets Don’t Sleep cypher.


 She Real’s verses paint a vivid picture of the day-to-day grind in tracks such as “Head Phones Blasting”, “Salute Single Parents” and “Find a way out”. Her track “Queen Shit” pays homage to the Female Hip Hop MCs and is reminiscent of Lil Kim’s “Dreams” [on her Hardcore Album] in how the verses are crafted and how she is able to rattle off the names of many of the 90s prominent female lyricists. Last but not least, the title track “Real Hip Hop Still Exists” is definitely noteworthy in not only it’s delivery, but the energy that emanates from it.

The mixtape even includes a solid interlude (think Jay Z “Public Service Announcement” or YG’s “Thank God”). It’s a well crafted musical collection that you can honestly play through from beginning to end without pressing fast forward

Trust me, the name speaks for itself. Read more on She Real by visiting her website

You can thank me later…..

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