Lessons in Life: Once Upon a Time I fell for the Wrong Person….

Image Courtesy of depaul.edu

Most of us have had a Chris Brown…

The purpose of this piece is to reflect on the type of relationship that Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown had. One filled with dishonesty, infidelity, and betrayal. Truth be told thousands of women either had or have this type of relationship. I just use these two names in order to put a face on the type of relationship I’m speaking about.

A relationship where you are abandoned, misled and left with a broken heart. Truth is most women can relate on this level but it’s just not played out in public like Karrueche and CB. I should know…I was in this type of relationship myself. I was involved in a 3 year plus union with a man who I now realize was selfish and used the right words to manipulate me into thinking that much of his behavior was permissible all because he “loved me.”

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Angelina Jolie – The Brave & Beautiful: Jolie has further Preventative Surgery

Image Courtesy of the Boston Herald

I felt compelled to write about the following topic once I realized that many of my Woman Warriors were still in the dark about the recent open and honest admission by the actress in the face of a very difficult decision.

Angelina Jolie’s decision to go public with the news that she removed her ovaries and fallopian tubes as a means of further preventative surgery was a bold and courageous act. It was a very brave move and one that will probably save the lives of many women to come.

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