Angelina Jolie – The Brave & Beautiful: Jolie has further Preventative Surgery

Image Courtesy of the Boston Herald

I felt compelled to write about the following topic once I realized that many of my Woman Warriors were still in the dark about the recent open and honest admission by the actress in the face of a very difficult decision.

Angelina Jolie’s decision to go public with the news that she removed her ovaries and fallopian tubes as a means of further preventative surgery was a bold and courageous act. It was a very brave move and one that will probably save the lives of many women to come.

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Lessons in Life: Self Discovery


“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Aristotle

Self-discovery is such a crazy thing. Even crazier is the fact that it can and will continue to happen throughout the rest of your life. Sometimes you see it happening; you embrace and immerse yourself in the changes and discoveries. Other times, it hits you like a ton of bricks in the midst of a revelation or something that just gets down inside you and stirs you, whether for better or worst.

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Rest for the Weary

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People tend to under estimate the true value of a thing called rest. Myself being no different from everyone else.  One thing I can say is true, you need to take a moment to step back and smell the roses. I guess it’s true when parents tell their kids, “You need rest to be your best”.  Not just rest of the body but also your mind and spirit. You will be surprised how many people truly lay awake at night anxious and uneasy over work related matters alone.

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