Lessons in Life (Relationships): Subconsciously Sabotaging (Do you remember the time?)


Why is it that we allow our past relationships to dictate where our future ones are going?

The answer is pretty simple, because even after we have moved on, it doesn’t change the fact that the past is still a part of who you are. Even though we aim to live in the present, many of our choices are based on parts of our past.

We can’t seem to fully embrace the phrase, “You lived, you learned…”

It’s true the past can be an effective tool in the learning process but there is a time when letting the past dictate your future decisions can be ineffective; Such as in relationships.

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Kickin it with Chris: Vine Time 2

Hello Everyone!!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Many of you are probably gearing up for the Superbowl tomorrow!!

So in between your party preparations or if you are just taking a moment to surf the web, I hope you will take a couple of seconds out to have a look at a new vine by Kid prYme. This one is called “Switch Positions” and once again features yours truly.

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Lessons in Life: Self Discovery


“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Aristotle

Self-discovery is such a crazy thing. Even crazier is the fact that it can and will continue to happen throughout the rest of your life. Sometimes you see it happening; you embrace and immerse yourself in the changes and discoveries. Other times, it hits you like a ton of bricks in the midst of a revelation or something that just gets down inside you and stirs you, whether for better or worst.

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UP NEXT/ MIXTAPE: She Real – Real Hip Hop Still Exists


*Breathes Deep*, see that right there is what you will do when you inhale the “breath of fresh air” that is REAL HIP HOP STILL EXISTS.

She Real is back with her fourth mixtape entitled “Real Hip Hop Still Exists”! This mixtape provides a balance of energy, sincere lyrics, wordplay, and technique.

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Oh Where, Oh Where has my TV show Gone?

Image Courtesy of Masterfile.com

With the holidays over and the New year in full swing, I bet many of you are asking yourself the question, “Oh where, oh where has my TV show gone?”

Well look no further because after the jump, I have a list of some of the most popular prime time shows and their return dates.

Happy Viewing!!!

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Nom Nom Nom: Let’s Eat- Tomato Blue Cheese Soup


This Recipe comes courtesy of my good friend Boc. Hey Girl, Hey!! I was actually quite happy when she shared it with me, especially in these frigid days that have just past. Considering we have 2 months of winter weather left, I figured it couldn’t hurt to expand my soup repertoire so here goes:

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