Lessons in Life: Once Upon a Time I fell for the Wrong Person….

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Most of us have had a Chris Brown…

The purpose of this piece is to reflect on the type of relationship that Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown had. One filled with dishonesty, infidelity, and betrayal. Truth be told thousands of women either had or have this type of relationship. I just use these two names in order to put a face on the type of relationship I’m speaking about.

A relationship where you are abandoned, misled and left with a broken heart. Truth is most women can relate on this level but it’s just not played out in public like Karrueche and CB. I should know…I was in this type of relationship myself. I was involved in a 3 year plus union with a man who I now realize was selfish and used the right words to manipulate me into thinking that much of his behavior was permissible all because he “loved me.”

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Her Success is Not Your Failure: Why don’t Women Support Each Other?

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The following is a topic I felt extremely compelled to write about. Why is it that women have such a hard time supporting one another? I must be frank; my personal opinion on why we tend not to advance as far as men is the fact that we will not help one another.

I remember back when I was younger if I went to a video or a photo shoot, I would meet a female. We would get along, strike up great conversation and then we would exchange numbers. Anytime I exchanged numbers with a male (straight or homosexual) I would always be able to follow up with them. We could talk, bounce ideas off one another, perhaps they would recommend a book or someone I should look into who may serve as a mentor or someone who is knowledgeable about the topic at hand.

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Lessons in Life: Love isn’t Supposed to Hurt

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Love isn’t supposed to hurt, or so I’ve been told but I am old enough to know that things don’t always turn out as planned.  I never understood why people find it necessary to test another human being’s limits in order to truly call it love. In my lifetime I have loved and lost but I never could explain why some people felt it necessary, to attempt to break me down, only to come back into my life and claim how much they missed me and loved me.

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