Lessons in Life (Relationships): Subconsciously Sabotaging (Do you remember the time?)


Why is it that we allow our past relationships to dictate where our future ones are going?

The answer is pretty simple, because even after we have moved on, it doesn’t change the fact that the past is still a part of who you are. Even though we aim to live in the present, many of our choices are based on parts of our past.

We can’t seem to fully embrace the phrase, “You lived, you learned…”

It’s true the past can be an effective tool in the learning process but there is a time when letting the past dictate your future decisions can be ineffective; Such as in relationships.

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Kickin it with Chris: Vine Time 2

Hello Everyone!!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Many of you are probably gearing up for the Superbowl tomorrow!!

So in between your party preparations or if you are just taking a moment to surf the web, I hope you will take a couple of seconds out to have a look at a new vine by Kid prYme. This one is called “Switch Positions” and once again features yours truly.

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Kickin it with Chris: Vine Time


Hello Everyone!!! Happy New Year to all of my beautiful people out there. I know it’s been a minute since you read my words but much like many of you, I was taking a step back from the norm and the everyday hustle & bustle, to stop and live in the moment while spending time with the family.

While it was nice to relax and go off the grid for a week or two, I took the time to test out my acting chops in my very first appearance in a Vine via the charming and creative Kid prYme (look out for him in a future feature of Up Next).

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Lessons in Life: Love isn’t Supposed to Hurt

Image Courtesy of fanpop.com

Love isn’t supposed to hurt, or so I’ve been told but I am old enough to know that things don’t always turn out as planned.  I never understood why people find it necessary to test another human being’s limits in order to truly call it love. In my lifetime I have loved and lost but I never could explain why some people felt it necessary, to attempt to break me down, only to come back into my life and claim how much they missed me and loved me.

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Rest for the Weary

Image Courtesy of telegraph.co.uk


People tend to under estimate the true value of a thing called rest. Myself being no different from everyone else.  One thing I can say is true, you need to take a moment to step back and smell the roses. I guess it’s true when parents tell their kids, “You need rest to be your best”.  Not just rest of the body but also your mind and spirit. You will be surprised how many people truly lay awake at night anxious and uneasy over work related matters alone.

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The More You Know…

Know well enough to know when you are being treated unfairly; when there’s no give, just take. Know well enough to know when you are not 1/1 of 1 but one of many, walk away. Know when to stand up for yourself, for someone else, for something bigger than us all. Be Strong, be Assertive, Be Brave…

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